Presentation Tips ..

  • Be appropriately dressed, don’t wear clothes that are unfitting for the occasion. If it a business presentation then wear appropriate business ware and don't let your appearance distract from what you are saying.
  • Try to appear confident and enthusiastic, even if you are petrified inside. Stand upright and head held high.
  • Greet your audience and smile, hopefully your audience will look at you and smile back. This will make you feel less anxious.
  • Speak clearly, firmly and confidently. Don't speak too quickly time appears to pass at twice the speed than it does in reality, therefore you are more likely to speed up and raise the pitch of your voice.
  • Give the audience the opportunity to understand what you are saying. Also don't talk in a monotone voice, vary the pitch and speed as this makes your presentation more interesting.
  • The use of silence is crucial to emphasise important points, it give the audience the time to absorb the meaning of the point. Ill prepared or very inexperienced speakers tend to gable and fill the silence with garbage.
  • Keep within the allotted time for your talk, don’t run on as this will infuriate your audience.
  • Eye contact is very important, look at everyone in the audience from time to time, not just at your notes or at the PowerPoint slides. Try to involve everyone, not just those directly in front of you. We all have a preferred side, be aware of yours.
  • Wander about and be animated using hand gestures but don’t point! Never put your hands in your pockets! Or hide behind the podium! Good presenters walk around and address different parts of the audience.
  • Ask questions as this will get greater involvement of your audience.
  • Do not script your presentation and then read it to your audience as this will bore them. It will also seem a waste of time as you may as well have emailed the paper to the delegates as I am sure most of them can read!
  • Use short notes on ‘Q’ cards – or just learn your presentation!
  • Have a clock or other time piece with you to help you keep track of time
  • With most modern mobile phones having video recording facilities it is useful to record yourself when preparing your presentation and then play it back to yourself. However, don't judge yourself too harshly when you replay this – none of us like seeing or hearing a recording of ourselves.
  • It's quite normal to be a little nervous even people who have been presenting for many years still feel nervous. This is a usually good thing as it will make your senses sharper. Most people have a fear of speaking in public. Practice is the key and will make sure that you are not too anxious.
  • Remember the five ‘P’s Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! However, don’t over plan your presentation as you will be so bored with it by the time you present your material it will come across to the audience as dull too.
  • Do recap on the important points and have handouts either electronically or paper versions as it would appear that the average person has a three minute attention span which is only slightly better than a Gold Fish!
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