Stress Management

Effective management of Stress is becoming an increasingly important function within many organisations. Good Stress Management is not just "best practice" from a profitability and productivity viewpoint. Increasing employee awareness of the subject and a number of high profile tribunal cases have re-enforced that this is an issue that cannot be ignored. This workshop is highly adaptable to the needs of individual clients and covers the key issues involved. What is Stress and what are the differences between personal and organisational Stress? What are the criminal law, civil law and other legislative issues? e.g. Health and Safety regulations. How to recognise the signs of Stress. How to measure Stress levels within the workplace. Policies and mechanisms for coping with personal and employee Stress. Management disciplines and skills required to reduce Stress.

The option exists to have a one-day workshop covering the basic issues but also to extend the course to look in depth at the management skills of leadership, communication and effective team working. Effectively used, these can be used to dramatically reduce the causes of Stress in the workplace. This approach allows delegates to gain awareness of the subject during the first workshop, to return to the workplace and identify issues that need attention, returning to the second session (usually one week later) for management skills training and personal action planning. This also fits into most of the management qualification programmes as a module on welfare within the health & safety sections.

Course Outcomes

Increased awareness of the importance of Stress as a workplace issue as well as the legal and legislative issues involved. The ability to spot the signs of stress in the workplace as symptoms of underlying problems or practices. What to do when you spot the signs. An understanding of how to manage people effectively and prevent Stress in the first instance.

Who should attend: All managers with direct line responsibility for staff within the workplace or for people who may have an indirect effect on a workplace.

Our course will cover:-

  • What is Stress?
  • Why should we tackle Stress?
  • The technicalities of Stress:
  • Some important definitions:
  • What is the cause and what is the effect of Stress?
  • Nature of Stress:
  • Is Stress an illness?
  • Who can be affected by it?
  • Legislation
  • Possible signs of Stress
  • Possible causes of Stress:
  • Remedial methods of reducing or eliminating Stress
  • Stress at home
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