Negotiation Skills

Managers in many functions need to negotiate, with bosses, colleagues, suppliers, contractors, customers, staff and trade unions etc. This course concentrates on the skills common to all forms of negotiation, and then identifies and practices skills particular to different negotiating scenes.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:-

  • Prepare for a negotiation, formal and informal.
  • Understand the principals and process of negotiation.
  • Use a range of negotiation and participate fully in team negotiations.
  • Gain competitive advantage from negotiation.

Who Will Benefit: Personnel, Purchasing, Sales, Engineering and other Managers who need to negotiate on a regular basis.

The Professional Negotiator

The Key Qualities

To succeed, a professional negotiator requires a wide assortment of abilities. Some of them can be acquired by a mixture of experience and formal training. However, no amount of experience or training will succeed in producing a professional negotiator, as opposed to an amateur, unless the basic raw materials are there. The raw material is made up of the personal qualities of the negotiator.

The list which follows covers the essential personal qualities. It is not, of course, exhaustive - and there is no significance in the order in which they are arranged.

  • An ability to negotiate effectively with members of his/her own organisation and secure their confidence.
  • A willingness and personal commitment to detailed preparation and planning.
  • A willingness to improve his/her knowledge of the product/service, company policy, objectives, rules, alternatives etc.
  • The courage to probe and check information.
  • Sound business judgement. The ability to discern the real profit and loss factors as they relate to both sides in the negotiation. The ability to understand and use financial information.
  • The ability and character to cope with conflict and ambiguity.
  • The courage and vision to commit oneself to higher targets and the risks that go with it.
  • The wisdom and patience to wait for the story to unfold.
  • The ability to ask questions and to listen open-mindedly.
  • A total commitment to integrity, loyalty and mutual satisfaction.
  • The willingness to get involved with the customer/prospect/supplier and the people in their Organisation. That is to deal at both a personal and business level with them.
  • Self-confidence based on knowledge, planning, developed skill and a total belief in success.
  • A willingness to use team experts.
  • A stable, honest personality who has learned to understand him or herself and laugh a little.
  • One who isn’t suffering from too strong a need to be liked because they like themselves and can live comfortably within themselves?
  • The ability to generate enthusiasm in themselves and others.
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