Effective Team Leadership

Leaders often find themselves working within a small department; section or office environment and leading a small team of people who rely on them for support and line management supervision.

As Team Leaders they also form part of the management team which in turn forms part of a large team of people who rely on their effective communications and personal contact; to achieve a wide variety of important tasks.

This course not only evaluates the importance of team working, but also examines relationships and behaviours, which are essential to the overall success of the business as a whole.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Build on their Team Leadership skills
  • Break down the barriers that are preventing fully effective two-way communications.
  • Further develop effective Team Working Skills.
  • Accept individual responsibility for motivating other team members and helping to influence positive results.
  • Further develop technical skills and knowledge by collective team working abilities and overall corporate understanding.
  • Understand effective delegation

Who Will Benefit: All Team Leaders who are employed in small to medium size sections, departments or office areas and have a responsibility for a small team of people. Also those who wish to improve their own performance and their perceptions of other behaviours as well as their own.

The importance of teams

Team working has given us an unrivalled advantage over all other species on the planet, it has enables us to network our brain power and take advantage of collective learning to develop abilities well beyond what a solitary individual could achieve. It has also allowed us to pass on that collective knowledge to the next generation so they don’t have to relearn what we have already learnt.

Where we had a distinct advantage over our Neanderthal cousins was our ability to trade and exchange ideas with each other by living in communities. Whilst a much older species than Homo Sapiens the Neanderthals were not very sociable and didn’t possess the team working skills we have and were unable to deal with the adverse global change that led to their extinction some 30,000 years ago.

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