Disciplinary and Grievance

This course is designed to give delegates a greater understanding of the procedures for dealing with disciplinary and grievance matters to assist them in how to inform, correct and handle bad behaviour amongst employees, and the various ways in which such behaviour can be prevented from happening again. To learn how to establish an understanding of the standards required and how to bring employees back to those standards of behaviour.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Know the standards required.
  • Understand the legal implications.
  • Know how to interpret the rules and who is responsible for the procedures.
  • Know how to deal with sub-standard performance.
  • Know the various types of dismissal and the reasons for dismissal.
  • How to carry out a disciplinary hearing and grievance interviews.

Who will Benefit: Anyone who is responsible for managing staff or who is requested to develop the skill of dealing with disciplinary and grievance situations.

A Sticky Problem ....

George Tarp has worked for Setay Foods Limited for seven months as a machine operator/minder on the shepherd’s pie filling line and whilst his enthusiasm and energy have always been in abundance his ability to do the job appears to be somewhat lacking. You have received yet another complaint about George from the engineering department, on this occasion George was working on the shepherd’s pie line where the nozzles on the mashed potato dispenser had become blocked and George increased the pump pressure rather than clean the nozzle in an attempt to clear the block. The result of his error was that the flexible feed pipe exploded and covered three pallets of finished product, a fork lift truck (complete with driver) and a hand wash/boot scrub station with mashed potato in addition to the damage to the dispenser.

You have called George into your office for an informal off the record chat to see if you can get to the bottom of his problem.

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