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Delegation & Motivation Skills

The ability to Motivate staff is a fundamental requirement of good management and a skill needed in today's world of commerce and industry. This module looks at the principals of motivation from the point of a hands on manager. We will cover the theorists such as Maslow, Hertzberg and McGregor but we also have practical exercises as well.

In this module we will examine the process of delegation and how the process of responsibility is assigned to others.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:-

  • Understand the principals of motivation
  • Be able to delegate to others

Who Will Benefit: All Managers and Staff who are required to manage and motivate staff.


Delegation is the assignment of responsibility and authority to another person (normally from a manager to a worker) to carry out specific activities and tasks. It is one of the core concepts of management. However, the delegator always remains accountable for the outcome of the delegated work.

Delegation empowers a subordinate to make decisions and take control of their own area if work. it is a shift of decision-making authority from one organizational level to a lower one. Delegation, if properly done, is not abdication because the support and accountability is with the delegator. The opposite of effective delegation is micromanagement, where a manager provides too much input, direction, and review of ‘delegated’ work. In general, delegation is good and can save money and time, help in building skills, and motivating people.

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