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Essential Documents for Employers for Apprenticeships from 1st May 2017
The new Apprenticeship Levy commenced on 6th April for all employers whose annual pay bill is in excess of three million pounds. From 1st May 2017 there are new rules affecting how apprenticeships are financed and delivered for all employers no matter how large or small, levy payers or not. read more...
Sue Yates 3rd May 2017
ILM Quality Audit
We are very pleased to announce that we have recently achieved an impressive 'no actions or recommendations' following our ILM Centre EQA audit. Our Centre EQA was very impressed with the level of support given to our clients and the assessment feedback provided for assignments. We were awarded continued full Direct Claims status for our ILM Leadership and Management qualifications at Levels 3 and 5.

We have also been awarded continued Direct Claims status for our Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring qualifications following a visit from the EQA this week.

Great results for the team.

Sue Yates 28th March 2017
Management and Leadership Training
The world of training is continually evolving. The days of funded training for a wide range of qualifications are gradually coming to an end. Funding is to be targeted at apprenticeships and for basic skills such as English, Maths and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) etc. The way we want and like to learn is changing too especially with the advent of modern technology. read more...

Sue Yates 28th March 2017
Registration for Levy Paying Employers is now open
The government’s online system that employers will use to manage apprenticeship funds is now open for registration to all companies that will (or expect to) pay the new apprenticeship levy. read more...

Sue Yates 28th February 2017
Apprenticeship Updates – 25th October 2016
The long awaited updates from the government on the introduction of the levy, confirmation of funding bands, changes to the proposals for subcontracting and the opening of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers RoATP have been released. read more...

Sue Yates 25th October 2016
Summer Update of the Apprenticeship Levy
During August the government has released their overdue update to the introduction of the levy from April 2017 and the changes to apprenticeships commencing from 1st May 2017. For those of you who have not seen the information please read on and use the links for the updated documents and information........ read more...

Sue Yates 30th August 2016
Apprenticeship Levy Update
Further details and updates regarding the Apprenticeship Levy and its implementation are due to be released by the end of this month. The details due to be announced should cover the following....... read more...

Sue Yates 16th June 2016
SASE apprenticeship frameworks are to end
Sixty SASE apprenticeship frameworks are to end in December as new apprenticeship standards are introduced
The government has recently announced that sixty SASE apprenticeship frameworks will be withdrawn for new starts from 1st December 2016. The change will not affect any apprentices who have already commenced more...

Sue Yates 10th June 2016
Apprenticeships Funding Update..
The Department for Business Innovation and Skills released further information on 21st April 2016 on the introduction of the apprenticeship levy for eligible employers from April 2017 and how apprenticeships will be financed, following the levy’s introduction, using digital accounts for levy paying employers and outlining the system for smaller employers. Please click on the link below for the full statement - Levy Update (This will keep updating to the latest version of the document)

Sue Yates 26th April 2016
Focus Management for Business Ltd do not deliver apprenticeships. The following information is about Trailblazers and the changes coming through regarding the new apprenticeships standards, and may be of interest to employers. As you may know a major reform of apprenticeships is already underway ready for full implementation from 2017/ more...

Sue Yates 2nd March 2016
New Server!!
Over the past week we have had a new main server, so you can imagine the chaos this has caused but, progress is being made and the new server software offers us greater security and better features than we had before. Hopefully we haven’t lost any email but if you have sent something to us and expected a reply then please send it again.

Malcolm Yates 6th January 2016
Skills Shortage
The world of training is an ever changing place and some very interesting articles have appeared in the press recently regarding a shortage of skills in leadership and management affecting all industries. Here is an article I discovered that has a simple but effective approach to leadership and management. Click Here
The Dyson empire is still growing but Sir James is struggling to get the engineers he wants, an interesting article about what he is doing about it here. Click Here

Malcolm Yates 7th September 2015
Some people are offended by the use of colloquialisms – the current U.S President fell foul of this phenomenon when he made the comment ‘thanks sweetie’ to someone and had to issue an apology afterwards. Some years ago I referred to someone in the south as ‘duck’ who was unfortunately quite confused by the term. I was in Plymouth last year and was greeted by a shop keeper who said ‘what can I get for you my lover’ which is apparently a normal greeting there. Colloquialisms are fine in whichever area of the country that they belong to. This is because everyone there grows up with them, a classic example of this is ‘ay up me duck!’ which is a normal greeting here in Nottinghamshire however, as Angelina Jolie soon discovered when she totally stunned a Hollywood audience that it is isn’t local to America! As a Manager unless you know which colloquialisms to use – my advice is don’t use any as they can offend.

Malcolm Yates 12th July 2015

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