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Lean Manufacturing …

What is ‘Lean Manufacturing’?

Or often simply referred to as "lean", is a production philosophy that considers the expenditure of resources in any aspect other than the direct creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination.

In principle it is a process of management and work flow that makes obvious the waste in product, time, plant and other resources by having very precise systems of work and an in-depth process of standardization.

Its overarching aim is to produce a product or service at lowest cost and to a quality standard that the customer values and will pay for.

Shigeo Shingo is one of the founding fathers of the lean process with his pioneering work in the Toyota Production System.

We here at Focus are well versed in the provision of lean training programmes and can help you achieve either a qualification from the City & Guilds in Business Improvement Techniques (BITs) or provide a bespoke service.

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