Our Mission

Is to be the preferred supplier to industry and commerce of management development training and related products.

Commitment to our clients

We will –

  • Help you to choose an appropriate course or training package
  • Give you impartial advice and guidance on where to source alternative provision when we cannot meet your needs
  • Provide you with clear information on what is expected of you and what you can expect from us
  • Give you clear information on the costs involved in the training and any funding which might support these costs
  • Monitor your progress and provide regular feedback reports
  • Offer a high level of customer service and an opportunity for you to feedback to us on our performance

Our training concentrates on the following key areas of development:

Leadership & Management - Leadership is a key role within industry and commerce today, we at Focus have some very comprehensive packages that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Team Effectiveness - Many employees find themselves working within a small department, section or an office environment without realising that they form part of a team of people who rely on their effective communications and personal contact to achieve a wide variety of important tasks. We at Focus cannot stress enough the importance of team working, which is essential to the overall success of any business.

Communications - Every employer needs to be able to communicate effectively. Whether or not communication is effective depends largely upon the sender and/or the receiver of the message. Our communication training is designed to enable employees to operate more efficiently by communicating more effectively.

Personal Development - Our personal development programmes are designed to give delegates the skills to further their careers and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the individual wherever they are ultimately employed.

Management Skills - Management is a job! not just an 'add on' to some other technical or administrative role and we take the training of management skills very seriously here at Focus.

Employee Counselling Service - We can help with your people. This service aimed at companies who need to develop their key people who have highly specialised skills and are a very valuable intellectual asset to the company. We offer a 'one to one' diagnostic and personal development for your somewhat difficult but very valuable employees.

Organisational Efficiency - Business Improvement Techniques (BITs) If you want to improve your business efficiency then look no further. These awards cover a range of principles associated with best practice in current business processes and modern management techniques such as six sigma metrics. They are exceptionally useful for anyone involved in improving business performance with a range of study levels available to suit individual requirements or progression.

Our programmes have been developed over many years, drawing from real experience within real industries. We can help your teams develop the real skills required through our highly interactive and experiential style of training that is specifically focused on real-life situations.

All courses outlined in this web site can be tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of your organisation, which means that costs and the duration of your course can vary according to your needs.

Glossary of Terms

In the training and development world we use various terms and odd names for things often referred to as ‘jargon’. This is a list of those odd things and what they mean. You will have arrived here by clicking on one of these odd words or phrases and this is where you find out their meaning.

In House Course

A course that is provided for just one company or individual customer. The benefits of an ‘in house’ course is that it can cover precisely the content that is relevant to your organisation or company. It can also be structured to suite your exact needs as some organisations require training delivered in a very precise way.

Open Course

As the name implies it is open to anyone who wants to attend much like a college course in that it will be at a set time and duration for example every third Tuesday for six weeks. The advantages of this sort of course is that if you are working for a company that doesn’t invest in training and you want to gain professional qualification to get a better job this sort of course for you.


A venue is any accommodation where we deliver a training programme. It can be a village hall, a full blown conference centre or a works canteen! We can deliver training just about anywhere. Some of our more odd locations over the years are a marquee, the stage of a theatre, a medieval grade one listed barn, a bus but to name a few. We always risk assess all the venues we use and make sure however odd that they are fit for purpose and that the will enhance the quality of the learning.

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