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Bespoke Training Solutions

At Focus Management for Business Ltd we can design, construct and deliver a variety of bespoke “soft skills” training programmes.

To begin we would conduct a full analysis of training needs for you and your organisation. From the data gathered we would produce a training plan with a delivery model that would work for you and your organisation. At the end of the training we evaluate the training we have delivered to ensure staff members are embedding the knowledge gained in to their work.

The following diagram will help understand the process –

TNA Process

An example of this could be for staff required to conduct appraisals for their team members. We would initially ascertain their current knowledge, look at the company’s current appraisal process and systems and devise a course that addressed the required needs. Meeting staff again after they have put the training in to practise enables us to find out how the appraisals process had worked with the acquired knowledge and allows us to offer further support and advice where required.

For IT training we would ask staff to complete a short questionnaire on their current skills to understand the level of knowledge they currently have. From the questionnaire we may ascertain that some staff will require more training than others and it might be more beneficial to split staff in to groups to deliver knowledge that is particularly relevant to them. After the training, when staff have had an opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired, we can arrange to return to give additional support to individuals if required.

World class companies never stop assessing the training needs of their staff and will deliver training to meet those needs. They will then reassess needs and deliver more training. This is one reason why world class companies and organisations maintain their competitive advantage and stay at the top in their field, whilst at the same time developing their staff to enable them to progress up their chosen career ladders.

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